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####Timmeh's Timezones

The Map

This image is a projection of the world's timezones coordinates = pyproj.Proj('+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +no_defs'). Colored_Timezones

The Plan

Currently, the map has a 7.6km/pixel (4.7mile) pixel resolution, at the Equator, with approx. 7% of the derived source file(s) size.

This project uses this as a database for simple, rapid offline look up of timezones, with a small-er footprint. dictionary_lookup

Timezones are plotted from the shapefile found at The World Timezone Shapefile Repository

Those files have subsequently been modified with "quasi-maritime" timezones and unique colors are assigned indexing the polygons.

For those timezones at sea, quick and dirty 15 degree polygons were unceremoniously added. The 24 new polygons were added to the 418 pre-existing named polygons. Although uninhabited isn't an official timezone, the entire list of timezones (443) was assigned a colour in 35 point increments.

Current logic looks to 8 points (0-315) around the compass to see if there is a 'land' timezone within 12 nautical miles, otherwise it becomes 'International' plus or minus the appropriate hour UTC.

When it's all over except the shouting, timmeh might be able to ask if you want/need to change your timezome/locale, or if confidence is high, make those changes automagically.

timmeh requires gps3, a stylish Python accouterment to gpsd and all your gps needs.

sudo -H pip3 install gps3 will install gps3 with a fast delivery from the Cheese Shop

pyproj is also required. It can also be found at the Cheese Shop.

Grab your machine and fire up your gps, make sure it all works.

Put and the image(s) you want to test in the same directory and python3 away on your favourite terminal, multiple times a day if you're adventurous like me.