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Simple Online Automated Judge System in Clojure. Mainly used in my Programming course so many things in it are ad-hoc. Moreover, many texts are not in english language, as it is not used in english speaking country.

Installation and Usage

  • Copy dredd.local_settings_example.clj into dredd.local_settings.clj and customize it

  • Starting dredd:

    • screen ./
    • then press C-a d
  • Starting with lein:

    • lein run
  • Shutdown:

    • Use administrator web interface
  • Force shutdown (database may get corrupted):

    • resume with screen -r
    • then C-c to shutdown server
  • Notes:

    • Start dredd on a dedicated port and use reverse proxy to make it public. That way you can also enable TLS for dredd.
    • Developers: Do not forget to set UTF-8 in emacs
      • M-x customize-group slime-lisp "Slime Net Coding System" utf-8-linux "Save for Future Sessions"


As this is a literate programming attempt, documentation is in sources

Start reading at dredd/core.clj


Copyright (C) 2011, Jozef Wagner. All rights reserved.

Contact: or