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=head1 NAME

Hatena::Star::Mobile - Perl extension for embedding Hatena Star into mobile sites.


  use Hatena::Star::Mobile;

  my $entries = [
    {uri => ''},
    {uri => ''},
        uri      => '',
        location => '', # return url to be used only for this entry

  my $star_entries = Hatena::Star::Mobile->get_star_entries(
    entries => $entries,
    location => '',     # return url for add button to be used globally
    color => 'gr', # color for add button
    hatena_domain => '', # base domain name of Hatena

  for my $se (@$star_entries) {
    print $se->{star_html}; # html string for add button and stars
    print $se->{uri}; # entry's uri


The C<Hatena::Star::Mobile> module adds Hatena Star's star ratings and
"add star" buttons to your Web pages.  While the C<HatenaStar.js>, the
JavaScript client implementation of Hatena Star, could be used to add
Hatena Star functionality to your Web pages for modern Web browsers,
most of Japanese legacy mobile Web browsers do not support or provide
only limited support for JavaScript, and therefore some kind of
server-side processing is preferred for better user experience.  This
module retrieves star rating data using Hatena Star API and returns
HTML fragment representing them as sequences of HTML C<img> elements.

=head1 METHOD

The module provides the class method: C<get_star_entries>.  It
receives named parameters and returns an array reference containing
the result.  Available input named parameters include:

=over 4

=item C<add_img> (Default: Auto)

The URL of the image for the "add star" button.

=item C<color> (Default: C<gr>)

Color variation for the "add star" button.  Available values include:
C<bl> (black), C<br> (blue), C<dark> (dark blue), C<dg> (dark gray),
C<gr> (green), C<pr> (purple), C<rd> (red).  This parameter is ignored
if the C<adD_img> parameter is specified.

=item C<entries> (REQUIRED)

The list of entries to retrieve HTMLized star rating data.  Each item
in the list must be hash references, which contain:

=over 4

=item C<uri> (REQUIRED)

The canonical URL of the entry.  It must be a normalized absolute URL
reference with no non-ASCII characters.

=item C<location> (Default: Same as C<location> parameter for the method)

The return URL for the "add star" button.  After the user added stars
to the URL, he is redirected to this URL.  It must be an absolute URL


=item C<get_entry_url> (Default: Hatena Star entry page)

Subroutine to obtain the URL of the anchor containing added star
images.  By default star images are linked to the entry page of Hatena
Star Web site (for Japanese mobile phone browsers), which contains
more detailed information on star added for the entry.

The value must be a C<CODE> reference that returns a URL.  The C<CODE>
reference would receive two arguments - C<$uri> and C<$location>,
which are corresponding to the C<uri> and C<location> parameters
specified in the C<entries> array (but C<$location> always has a value
even when C<location> parameter was omitted).

=item C<hatena_domain> (Default: C<>)

The domain of Hatena Web site.  It must be either C<> or
C<>.  For Japanese mobile phone users C<>
domain should be specified, as most of Japanese mobile phone users are
usually accessing the C<> domain.

=item C<location> (Default: Same as the entry URL)

The default value for the return URL for the "add star" button.  After
the user added stars to the URL, he is redirected to this URL, unless
it is explicitly specified for the entry in the C<entries> parameter.
It must be an absolute URL reference.

=item C<use_http_post> (Default: no)

If a true value is specified, the HTTP C<POST> method is used to
access to Hatena Star API.  This parameter is useful if you specify
numbers of URLs in C<entries> such that HTTP C<GET> request would fail
because of the length of the request-URI.


The returned array reference contains zero or more items corresponding
input C<entries>, which includes following values as hash

=over 4

=item C<entries> (If available)

List of stars, as provided by Hatena Star API.

=item C<star_html> (Always)

The HTML fragment to embed star rating data and "add star" button into
your Web page.

=item C<uri> (Always)

The URL of the entry.


=head1 HISTORY

=over 4 

=item 0.05 (January 2010)

Added parameters C<color>, C<add_img>, C<get_entry_url>, and
C<use_http_post> to the method C<get_star_entries>.  Added parameter
C<location> to items in the C<entries> hashref.  Added colored star

=item 0.03 (24 July 2008)

Added links to star entry.

=item 0.02 (22 January 2008)

Added html of add button to empty entry.

0.01  Tue Jan 22 18:47:25 2008

=item 0.01 (22 January 2008)

Original version; Created by h2xs 1.23 with options -X -A -n


=head1 AUTHORS

Junya Kondo (id:jkondo), Naoya Ito (id:naoya), id:antipop, id:onishi,
id:cho45, id:nanolia, id:chris4403, Wakaba (id:wakabatan)


Copyright (C) Hatena Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This library is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.



Hatena::Star::Mobile - A Hatena Star client Perl module



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