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DEPRECATED: ol3-layerswitcher is now ol-layerswitcher

If you require support for the "old" openlayers NPM package then you can use the code in the master branch of this repository via:

npm install git+

But you probably want to use the ol package for new projects in which case you want ol-layerswitcher.

OpenLayers LayerSwitcher

Grouped layer list control for an OpenLayer v3/v4 map.

All layers should have a title property and base layers should have a type property set to base. Group layers (ol.layer.Group) can be used to visually group layers together. See examples/layerswitcher.js for usage.


The examples demonstrate usage and can be viewed online thanks to RawGit:

  • Basic usage
    • Create a layer switcher control. Each layer to be displayed in the layer switcher has a title property as does each Group; each base map layer has a type: 'base' property.
  • Add layer
    • Add a layer to an existing layer group after the layer switcher has been added to the map.
  • Scrolling
    • Demonstrate the panel scrolling vertically, control the height of the layer switcher by setting the max-height (see examples/scroll.css) and it's position relative to the bottom of the map (see the .layer-switcher.shown selector in src/ol3-layerswitcher.css).
  • Browserify

The source for all examples can be found in examples.


To run the tests you'll need to install the dependencies via npm. In the root of the repository run:

npm install

Then run the tests by opening test/index.html in a browser.


new ol.control.LayerSwitcher(opt_options)

OpenLayers v3/v4 Layer Switcher Control. See the examples for usage.


Name Type Description
opt_options Object Control options, extends olx.control.ControlOptions adding: tipLabel String - the button tooltip.





Show the layer panel.


Hide the layer panel.


Re-draw the layer panel to represent the current state of the layers.


Set the map instance the control is associated with.

Name Type Description
map ol.Map The map instance.
(static) ol.control.LayerSwitcher.forEachRecursive(lyr,fn)

Static Call the supplied function for each layer in the passed layer group recursing nested groups.

Name Type Description
lyr ol.layer.Group The layer group to start iterating from.
fn function Callback which will be called for each ol.layer.Base found under lyr. The signature for fn is the same as ol.Collection#forEach
(static) ol.control.LayerSwitcher.uuid()

Generate a UUID


MIT (c) Matt Walker.

Also see

If you find the layer switcher useful you might also like the ol3-popup.

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