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Payment Links

This project contains multiple simple examples how to use payment links of the payment platform. Payment links allow to process payments without requiring a backend system to handle anything. They allow to process a form submit and create out of it a payment. Below you find examples which show the usage of them.

Simple Example

The simple example does only use HTML without any JavaScript. It uses bootstrap to format the form.

The source can be found here: simple-example.html

Autocomplete Example

The autocomplete example uses the Google Map API to easily set all required address information based on user input in a single field. Javascript is required to access the API, Bootstrap is required to format the form. Please be aware that the API Key used is configured to only work from the given rawgit link.

The source can be found here: maps-api-example.html

Donate Example

The donate example offers the opportunity to change the amount to be charged. Javascript is required to switch between a customizable and selectable amount, Bootstrap is required to format the form.

The source can be found here: variable-amount-example.html


A simple example how to use payment links.







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