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Phoenix App Promo

Phoenix App Promo is a library allowing to show an application promo banner with the look & feel similar to iOS Smart App Banner. The library can be used on any webkit-based browser on both iOS and Android platforms.

Development Dependencies

To build the Phoenix App Promo as a standalone component Grunt is required:

npm install -g grunt-cli


From zero to install:

git clone
cd phoenix-app-promo
npm install


Phoenix App Promo requires jQuery or Zepto to run. It can be used as a standalone component or included into a project via phoenix-build.

The code below shows how to use the Phoenix App Promo banner:{
  $parentNode: $('header'),
  openAnimationDuration: 2000,
  playStoreMessage: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit',
  playStoreUrl: '',
  appStoreId: '123456789',
  appStoreUrl: '',
  appStoreCountry: 'us',
  onUserAction: function(action) {

The method show should take the options hash with the following attributes:

  • $parentNode (mandatory) - an element (i.e. a jQuery/Zepto collection with element) to a content of which the promo banner will be prepended;

  • openAnimationDuration - a duration (in milliseconds) of an animation on the "Open" button. Optional. If omitted, the animation will not be shown;

  • playStoreUrl - an url to the app page in the Google Play Store. If omitted, the app promo banner will not be shown on Android;

  • playStoreMessage - message to show on banner for the Android app;

  • appStoreId - an app ID in the iTunes App Store. If omitted, the app promo banner will not be shown on iOS;

  • appStoreUrl - an url to the app page in the iTunes App Store. Optional, use to override the default app store url;

  • appStoreCountry - a country where an app is available in iTunes App Store. Optional. Default value - us;

  • onUserAction - a callback function being called on the following user actions and passing the action name as an argument. The action name can be one of the following:

    • app-promo-closed - when user closes the banner;
    • app-promo-open - when user is navigated to the app store

In a project using phoenix-build

  1. Add Phoenix App Promo dependency to app's bower.json file "phoenix-app-promo": "walmartlabs/phoenix-app-promo#~0.1.0"

  2. Add references to src/app-promo.js and src/app-promo.styl into lumbar.json

  3. Put the above-mentioned code into Phoenix's init-complete event handler.

As a standalone component

Build the app with Grunt from phoenix-app-promo directory:


Note that the default Grunt configuration embeds only a high resolution images for HDPI screens.

Check out the example directory to see how to use Phoenix App Promo banner as a standalone component.

Please note that store IDs and urls in the example and in the code snippet above are used only for the illustration purposes and do not belong to any real app.