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Walmart Contributor License Agreement CLA


The Walmart CLA repository serves as the information provider for anybody interested in contributing to open source software managed by Walmart Inc. (“Walmart”) or any of its affiliates.

Walmart manages numerous open source projects on GitHub organizations such as WalmartLabs, OneOps, Electrode and others, as well as on other code hosting system.

Walmart retains and controls the copyright for all of these projects. The mechanism to ensure this control is called Contribute License Agreement CLA. A signed CLA is required from each contributor to these projects. Managers and owners for the specific repositories and projects are required to ensure signed CLAs exist for all incoming contributions - usually in the form of a pull request.


We use CLA assistant to automatically verify any pull request against a list of known contributors that have already signed the CLA.


There are essentially 3 different scenarios for contributors.

Walmart Employee or Contractor as Contributor

If you are a Walmart employee or contractor, you essentially already signed a CLA as part of your on-boarding. Simply fill in the required details and indicate that you are associated with Walmart in the last question.

Individual Contributor

If you are contributing as an individual, simply fill in the required details and agree to the CLA.

Corporate Contributor

If you are contributing as an employee of another company or organization, you need to ensure that a corporate CLA has been signed and submitted to us.

Then simply fill in the required details and indicate the company you are associated with and that a corporate CLA is signed in the last question.

Repository Owners

If you are a repository owner and reviewing pull request you need to ensure that the CLA was signed. The CLA assistant adds a check to each PR and verifies that.

You should not merge any changes without a passing CLA check.

Corporate CLAs

If you want to set up a corporate CLA with Walmart, please review the documents in this repository (PDF or markdown format) and contact us as detailed below.

Available Documents

Markdown and PDF versions of the individual and corporate CLA can be found in this repository for your record.

The CLA used with CLA assistant is an identical copy managed by the walmart-cla-admin user on GitHub in a gist.

Contact Us

Find out more about our open source efforts from our website.

For external contact beyond signing the CLA please file an issue with this repository with contact details and we will reach out to you. Alternatively you can email us at for assistance.

Walmart-Interal Info:

All open source efforts are managed by the internal Open Source Team within the Software Delivery and Enablement team at Walmart.

SDE Open Source Team