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zUID is a cloud enabled service in the z/OS environment that generates a unique identifier using a specialized patent-pending algorithm. It is guaranteed to generate 100% unique identifiers until the year 34,000 without requiring a database system to manage.

Service returns the UID in 3 different hex formats, plain, guid and ess in plain text format. They are not wrapped in XML or JSON structures.

  • plain: 32 bytes, 1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef
  • ess: 34 bytes, 12345678-90abcdef12345678-90abcdef
  • guid: 36 bytes, 12345678-90ab-cdef-1234-567890abcdef

No authorization is needed for this service.

In addition to being web enabled you can call this routine directly using a CICS LINK command in your COBOL programs. The HTTP interface was designed to make it available for more consumers out side the z/OS environment.

About this project

Please refer to the following locations for additional info regarding this project:

  • [System Requirements and Considerations.md](./System Requirements and Considerations.md) for minimum software version requirements and key environment configuration considerations
  • Installation.md for instructions on installing and setting up this service
  • Usage.md for API descriptions, sample code snippets for consuming the service, other usage related details


  • Randy Frerking, Walmart Technology
  • Rich Jackson, Walmart Technology
  • Michael Karagines, Walmart Technology
  • Trey Vanderpool, Walmart Technology