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C Language AVL Trees Library - by Walter Tross
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An AVL Trees Library in C - by Walter Tross

Version 3.0.1

The following fictitious code should illustrate what you can do
with this library (look for the functions whose name starts with avl_)


#include "avl.h"

#define AVL_FOR(tree, p) for ((p) = avl_first(tree); (p); (p) = avl_next(tree))

typedef struct student {
   int id;
   char *name;
   float grade_avg;
   struct student *next_student;

int student_cmp(STUDENT *s1, STUDENT *s2)
   int cmp = strcmp(s1->name, s2->name);
   return cmp ? cmp : s1->id - s2->id;

void sum_grade_avg(STUDENT *student, float *p_grade_avg_sum)
   *p_grade_avg_sum += student->grade_avg;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
   STUDENT *student, *other, *first_student_of_list, *donkey;

   TREE *students_by_name_and_id = avl_tree_nodup    (student_cmp);
   TREE *students_by_name        = avl_tree_dup_str  (STUDENT, name);
   TREE *students_by_id          = avl_tree_nodup_int(STUDENT, id);
   TREE *students_by_grade_avg   = avl_tree_dup_float(STUDENT, grade_avg);

   while ((student = read_student())) {
      avl_insert(students_by_name_and_id, student);
      avl_insert(students_by_name,        student);
      avl_insert(students_by_id,          student);
      avl_insert(students_by_grade_avg,   student);
   AVL_FOR(students_by_name, student) { // duplicate names: in insertion order
      printf("%8d %s\n", student->id, student->name);
   int id = argc > 1 ? atoi(argv[1]) : 1;
   student = avl_locate_int(students_by_id, id);
   if (student) printf("grade avg of student %d: %f\n", id, student->grade_avg);

   other = avl_locate_gt_float(students_by_grade_avg, student->grade_avg);
   if (other) printf("first student with better grade avg: %d\n", other->id);

   for (student = avl_start(students_by_name, "M"); student;
        student = avl_next (students_by_name)) {
      printf("%s\n", student->name);

   float grade_avg_sum = 0.0;
   avl_do_w_ctx(students_by_grade_avg, sum_grade_avg, &grade_avg_sum);
   printf("overall: %f\n", grade_avg_sum / avl_nodes(students_by_grade_avg));

   first_student_of_list = avl_link(students_by_id, STUDENT, next_student);

   donkey = avl_locate_first(students_by_grade_avg);
   if (donkey) printf("student with lowest grade avg: %d\n", donkey->id);

   TREE *students_before_donkey_removal = avl_copy(students_by_name_and_id);
   avl_remove(students_by_name_and_id, donkey);
   avl_remove_int(students_by_id, donkey->id);
   assert( !avl_nodes(students_by_name));
   students_by_grade_avg = NULL;


The comments in the avl.h file are sufficient for most purposes.
Further information is contained in the MANUAL file.

Please report any problems you may encounter to waltertross at gmail.

CHANGELOG (version numbers follow the "semantic versioning" convention):

v 3.0.1:
 - changed default AVL_NODE_INCREMENT_SHIFT from 2 to 1

v 3.0.0:
 - Removed sizeof(void *) == sizeof(long) constraint
 - Removed global variables and improved memory management
 - Compact nodes (3 pointers or 3 pointers and 1 long, depending on tree type)
 - Fast strings (first sizeof(long) chars are compared in a single operation)
 - Definable AVL_MALLOC and AVL_FREE (defaulting to malloc and free)
 - Added float and double trees
 - Renamed avl_backscan() -> avl_rev_scan()
 - Renamed avl_[back]walk() -> avl[_rev]_scan_w_ctx()
 - Added avl[_rev]_do[_w_ctx]()
 - Renamed avl_backstart() -> avl_rev_start()
 - Renamed avl_backlink() -> avl_rev_link()
 - Removed avl_release()
 - Renamed avl_reset() -> avl_empty() (which now frees node memory)
 - Renamed avl_close() -> avl_free() (which now frees all memory)
 - General overhaul

v 2.0.0:
 - Removed function macros from avl.h except for avl_*_tree*() and avl_*link().
   This makes avl_locate_int() etc. necessary for integer keys.
   (This is also in preparation for sizeof(void*)!=sizeof(long).)
 - Changed avl_[back]scan() to return the data pointer when the callback
   returns true.
 - Added avl_[back]walk() (like avl_[back]scan(), but with a context pointer
   for the callback).
 - Renamed avl_f_link() to avl_linked_list().

v 1.0.0:
   Legacy version, mostly unaltered since 1991
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