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Simple script to capture webcam shot, screenshot, and other data every hour schedule.

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Simple script for Mac to capture webcam shot, screenshot, and other data every hour. Everything is just stored locally.

Note: I've replaced this script with a full OSX Application, available at:

By Stan James

NOTE: I'm working on a Mac App version of lifeslice. Please visit the website to get the beta of the new version.

First demo'd at the Berkley Quantified Self meetup March 2012

(OLD) Sample Report:

- Download
- Uncompress
- Double-click on INSTALL.command 

That's it! Don't forget to bookmark the reports that it will open in your browser.
Check back in a few days to see what you've been up to. :)

For geeks wanting to do a git pull, in Terminal:
$ cd ~    
$ git clone
$ INSTALL.command

- Double-click on UPDATE.command

- Double-click on UN-INSTALL.command

This using precompiled binaries for webcam capture and geolocation. These are open source projects. I encourage you to download and install them yourself rather than using the binaries provided here.
- ImageSnap command line tool (for webcam shots):
- Whereami project (for geolocation):

- Thanks to Moritz Stefaner for the inspiration.
- Thanks to Derek Greentree, Joel Longtine, Randy Sparks, and Phil von Stade for testing.
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