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* What's APEL-LB?

APEL-LB is a variant of APEL.  The most remarkable feature is that it
uses lexical binding and supports only Emacs 24.5 and later.  See
README.[en|ja] for details of original APEL.

* GitHub

Development of APEL-LB uses Git.  The latest developing version is
available at the following Git repository:

  % git clone

Or you can view the APEL-LB repository via WWW at:

We hope you will join the open development.

* Bug reports

If you write bug-reports and/or suggestions for improvement, please
send them to the Wanderlust Mailing List.  See
for details.

Alternatively, You can also use GitHub.  If you send a pull request,
please embed unindented ChangeLog entries in commit messages like
Emacs's.  See "Commit messages" section of Emacs's CONTRIBUTE