Use QtAV In Your Projects

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For QtAV version >= 1.3.4, QtAV can be installed as Qt5 modules easily. Integrating QtAV in your project is very easy.

Install QtAV SDK

There are 2 ways to install QtAV SDK:

  • Install without building QtAV

  • Or download the latest QtAV code and build by yourself. Then go to building directory, or sdk_install.bat.

    For OS X

    OSX is a little different because the shared library id must be modified but just simply copy files. you have to run QtAV/tools/ .

    Assume your Qt is installed in $HOME/Qt5.7, then run

    QtAV/tools/  QtAV_buildDir/lib_mac_x86_64_llvm/QtAV*.framework  ~/Qt5.7/5.7/clang_64/lib`

    But on OS X, notice that you still need to run QtAV_buildDir/ if you need to use QtAV's QML modules. (QtAV/tools/ will NOT install QML module)

Using in Project

  • qmake Project (.pro file)

    • In Qt4: CONFIG += avwidgets

    • In Qt5: QT += avwidgets

      In Qt5, if QWidgets module and QtAV widget based renderers are not required by your project (For example, you just need QML modules only), you can simply add QT += av

    There is an template pro you can use:

  • C++ Code


    #include <QtAV>
    #include <QtAVWidgets>

    Make sure QtAV::Widgets::registerRenderers() is called before creating a renderer.

  • QML Code

    import QtAV 1.6

    If your QtCreator cannot recognize QtAV in QML code, maybe can try add following line in *.pro

    QML_IMPORT_PATH += [QtAVSourceCodeDir]/qml

Try the Example

In the latest code, examples/simpleplayer_sdk is a complete example to show how to use QtAV SDK to write an multimedia app. You can use as a template.

Link Error

Because qt automatically rename the module if it's name contains Qt, so you may get cannot find -lQt5AVWidgets. As a temporary workaround, please manually rename to (windows is Qt5AV.lib or Qt5AV.a) in $QTDIR/lib. -lQt5AV error is the same.

It should be fixed in 1.9.0

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