A cross platform App which shows the contents from gank.io
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A cross platform App which shows the data from gank.io

  • react-native version: 0.38

  • redux architecture

Read this in other languages: 简体中文


Apk file is here

How to run it

  1. git clone https://github.com/wangdicoder/react-native-Gank

  2. cd react-native-Gank

  3. npm install

  4. react-native link (this step is for add the icon component)

  5. react-native run-android / run-ios

Features and Screenshots

good layout design

get categorized and random contents

iOS user interface

custom App theme

night mode

image box

powerful web view

collection contents


pull up to refresh

Other Features

  • more friendly settings

  • better strategy to fetch contents for saving cellular data

To do list

  • save girl's images into the phone

  • fetch historical contents

  • modify strategy of fetching images (depends on Net types)


Thanks for Gank.io providing this API


MIT License