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rst==1 in log

Yancey Wang edited this page Jun 11, 2024 · 3 revisions

You may get rst==1 in the following scenes:

1. You didnt run udp2raw with -a option, nor did you add the necessary iptables rule manually. Or you deleted the iptables rules after udp2raw added it. Then you may get rst==1 from any sides.

In this case,its not suggested to ignore it, you have to run udp2raw with -a option, or add iptables-rules manually with the help of -g option (suggested).

2. You killed udp2raw client after a connection has already established to server. Then you may get rst==1 from server log.

In this case, it's not perfect but it's as expected. In most case it doesn't cause a problem.

If you want to be perfect, it's suggested to use -g instead, add the rule manually and permanently.

3. You killed udp2raw server while udp2raw client is running. Or you are using udp2raw to connect to an non-existed server. Then you may get rst==1 from client log.

Start your server. And ignore the previous rst==1 logs.

4. Not covered by the above scenes, but you still got rst==1

Maybe the NAT middle-box or firewalls is trying to obstruct your connection. You can post a Issue for help.