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Web Services

A curated list of awesome web services.


Cloud storages

Online storages called cloud storages.


E-Mail is Electronic mail.

Fake E-Mail generators

Hide yourself from spam.

Search engines

Search engines know all the web.

  • Google - The most usable search engine in web.
  • DuckDuckGo - A search engine that doesn't collect your search requests.
  • Ixquick - Private search engine
  • Bing - Microsoft's search engine
  • Yahoo - Yahoo's search engine(old one)
  • Yandex - Russian search service

Video hostings

Video hostings and streamers.

  • Youtube - An one of the most usable video hostings.
  • Vimeo - Another video hosting service.
  • video - A video hosting by

Music hostings

Music hostings and streamers.

Slides hostings

Slides hostings and streamers.

Translation services

Services translate text between languages.

Language learning

Language learning courses.

  • Duolingo - A language learning service.

Music stores

  • Amazon Music - An online music store and music locker operated by
  • Google Play Music - An online music store with over 22 million songs.
  • iTunes Store - A online media store operated by Apple Inc.



Code editors

Edit and compile code anywhere.

  • Codeanywhere - An online code editor and IDE.
  • Cloud9 - An online code editor with Ubuntu workspace.
  • Codepen - Front end development IDE
  • Codenvy - Another online docker-based code editor and IDE
  • Ideone - Code editor and IDE that support 60+ languages
  • Koding - Workspace with high public integration(hashtags, news feed, etc)

Code hostings

Place your code.

Continuous integration

Automate building, testing and deploying.

  • Travis CI - Automated builds and testing(free for open source)
  • ShipIO - CI for mobile apps
  • Appveyor - Another rich-feature CI
  • CloudBees - for small teams and enterprises, alike
  • Codeship - Testing and deployment service
  • - Flexible scripting, browser testing CI system

Backup services

Backup your code and sleep well.

  • Backhub - A backup system.

Task management

Backup your code and sleep well.

  • Asana - easiest way for teams to track their work
  • Jira - issue and project tracking software
  • Trello - visual collaboration platform with kanban boards
  • Taskade - collaborative task lists and outlines


A curated list of awesome web services.



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