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Various configuration files
Shell VimL CSS
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latexmkrc file

Default to making pdfs, let xdg-open handle previewer startup.
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i3 i3status: format muted symbol Init
gitconfig gitconfig: webrick as default httpd Fix for sound over hdmi cable
latexmkrc latexmkrc file makeissue - Smaller logo, less info
userChrome.css Firefox' userContent and userChrome files
userContent.css /r/thebutton: always show flair text + css fix
vimrc vim Sudow command to write with sudo priv xfce blank screen fix
zshrc zsh: digraph input like in vim

This repository contains various dotfiles, the configuration files for things on your linux system. The advantage for me is quickly being able to set up a new computer the way I like it. The advantage for others is of lesser importance, but maybe someone can learn something or I can be taught new things.

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