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* Release 0.13 (07 Feb 2015)
Fix the argument order for Curve constructor (put openssl_name= at the end,
with a default value) to unbreak compatibility with external callers who used
the 0.11 convention.
* Release 0.12 (06 Feb 2015)
Switch to Versioneer for version-string management (fixing the broken
`ecdsa.__version__` attribute). Add Curve.openssl_name property. Mention
secp256k1 in README, test against OpenSSL. Produce "wheel" distributions. Add
py3.4 and pypy3 compatibility testing. Other minor fixes.
* Release 0.11 (10 Mar 2014)
Add signature-encoding functions "sigencode_{strings,string,der}_canonize"
which canonicalize the S value (using the smaller of the two possible
values). Add "validate_point=" argument to VerifyingKey.from_string()
constructor (defaults to True) which can be used to disable time-consuming
point validation when importing a pre-validated verifying key. Drop python2.5
support (untested but not explicitly broken yet), update trove classifiers.
* Release 0.10 (23 Oct 2013)
Make the secp256k1 available in too (thanks to Scott Bannert).
* Release 0.9 (01 Oct 2013)
Add secp256k1 curve (thanks to Benjamin Dauvergne). Add deterministic (no
entropy needed) signatures (thanks to slush). Added py3.2/py3.3 compatibility
(thanks to Elizabeth Myers).
* Release 0.8 (04 Oct 2011)
Small API addition: accept a hashfunc= argument in the constructors for
SigningKey and VerifyingKey. This makes it easier to write wrappers that e.g.
use NIST256p and SHA256 without their obligating callers to pass
hashfunc=sha256 in each time they call sign() or verify().
* Release 0.7 (28 Nov 2010)
Fix test failure against OpenSSL-1.0.0 (previous versions only worked against
openssl-0.9.8 or earlier). Increase python requirement to py2.5 or later
(still no py3 compatibility, but work is underway). Replace use of obsolete
'sha' library with modern 'hashlib'. Clean up unit test runner (stop using
* Release 0.6 (15 Oct 2010)
Small packaging changes: extract version number from git, add ' test'
command, set exit code correctly on test failure. Fix pyflakes warnings.
* Release 0.5 (27 Apr 2010)
Initial release. EC-DSA signature for five NIST "Suite B" GF(p) curves:
prime192v1, secp224r1, prime256v1, secp384r1, and secp521r1. DER/PEM
input/output functions, seed-to-randrange helper functions.