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This contains a collection of pure-python functions to implement Curve25519-based cryptography, including:

  • Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement
  • Ed25519 digital signatures
  • SPAKE2 Password Authenticated Key Agreement

You almost certainly want to use pynacl or python-ed25519 instead, which are python bindings to djb's C implementations of Curve25519/Ed25519 (and the rest of the NaCl suite).

Bad things about this module:

  • much slower than C
  • not written by djb, so probably horribly buggy and insecure
  • very much not constant-time: leaks hamming weights like crazy

Good things about this module:

  • can be used without a C compiler
  • compatible with python2 and python3
  • exposes enough point math (addition and scalarmult) to implement SPAKE2


The pure-python functions are considerably slower than their pynacl (libsodium) equivalents, using python-2.7.9 on my 2.6GHz Core-i7:

function pure25519 pynacl (C)
Ed25519 sign 2.8 ms 142 us
Ed25519 verify 10.8 ms 240 us
DH-start 2.8 ms 72 us
DH-finish 5.4 ms 89 us
SPAKE2 start 5.4 ms N/A
SPAKE2 finish 8.0 ms N/A

This library is conservative, and performs full subgroup-membership checks on decoded points, which adds considerable overhead. The Curve25519/Ed25519 algorithms were designed to not require these checks, so a careful application might be able to improve on this slightly (Ed25519 verify down to 6.2ms, DH-finish to 3.2ms).

Compatibility, and the lack thereof

The sample Diffie-Hellman key-agreement code in is not actually Curve25519: it uses the Ed25519 curve, which is sufficiently similar for security purposes, but won't interoperate with a proper Curve25519 implementation. It is included just to exercise the API and obtain a comparable performance number.

The Ed25519 implementation should be compatible with other versions, and includes the known-answer-tests from to confirm this.

The SPAKE2 implementation is new, and there's nothing else for it to interoperate with yet.


This code is adapted and modified from a number of original sources, including:

Many thanks to Ron Garret, Daniel Holth, and Matthew Dempsky.


This software is released under the MIT license.


pure-python routines for curve25519/ed25519







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