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Washington State University


  1. WSUWP-Platform WSUWP-Platform Public

    Central publishing platform built on WordPress at Washington State University

    PHP 34 1

  2. WSUWP-spine-parent-theme WSUWP-spine-parent-theme Public

    Provides the spine and skeleton framework for the WSU Web in WordPress

    PHP 11 6

  3. WSUWP-Content-Syndicate WSUWP-Content-Syndicate Public

    A WordPress plugin to retrieve and display content from throughout Washington State University

    PHP 16 3

  4. WSU-Web-Provisioner WSU-Web-Provisioner Public

    Provisioning for the Linux servers maintained by WSU Web Communication

    Shell 11

  5. WSUWP-Spine-Child-Theme-Skeleton WSUWP-Spine-Child-Theme-Skeleton Public

    A skeleton framework for building a child theme for WSU's Spine Parent Theme

    JavaScript 2 2

  6. WSUWP-Plugin-Skeleton WSUWP-Plugin-Skeleton Public

    A skeleton framework for building a WSU WordPress plugin.

    Shell 1 2


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