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The WebEditor is a tool that helps you to create, edit, evaluate, test and publish CloJure SourceCode on your FloatingBoats WebApp, ForExample:

It is similar to a WiKi, where you can edit the ConTent of a WebPage, but here you can also store CloJure SourceCode as content of a WikiPage, and immediately evaluate and execute the SourceCode. Therefore you can call the WebEditor a "CodeWiki".

Table of Contents


Our WebApp does not store a PassWord. You can SignIn with your existing account at either

 * FaceBook
 * GoogleProfile
 * TwittEr
 * LinkedIn
 * YaHoo or
 * OpenId


Each WikiPage can be published as a resource with a certain URL suffix. Before you can test, your WikiPage gets a unique PageId (which is actually the key of the underlying BigTable entity)


Each WikiPage has a typical LifeCycle:

 * *edit*: First you create a WikiPage or edit an existing one, preferably with HiccupClj.
 * *eval*: then you test the WikiPage by evaluating your RequestHandler function
 * *validate*: Optionally you can validate your new page with the W3C HtmlValidator.
 * *publish*: If you are happy with your result you can publish it under your chosen resource name


In the WebEditor you can filter revisions of a certain ReSource by clicking the "(f)" link in front of the ReSource.


Each CodePage has a type.

 * */clj*: CloJure SourceCode that might be evaluated as a RequestHandler
 * *clj*: CloJure SourceCode that might be evaluated as an expression by a RequestHandler or another expression
 * *wiki*: WikiPage in WikiSyntax that might be rendered by the `wikify` function of the RootHandler


You can compare the differences between two CodePage revisions by selecting their checkboxes and pressing the "diff" button.