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watermint toolbox

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watermint toolbox

Set of tool commands for Dropbox and Dropbox Business.

Licensing & Disclaimers

watermint toolbox is licensed under the MIT license. Please see or LICENSE.txt for more detail.

Please carefully note:


Built executable

Pre-compiled binaries can be found in Latest Release. If you are building directly from the source, please refer

Installing using Homebrew on macOS

First, you need to install Homebrew. Please refer the instruction on the official site. Then run following commands to install watermint toolbox.

brew tap watermint/toolbox
brew install toolbox

Security and privacy

Information Not Collected

The watermint toolbox does not collect any information to third-party servers.

The watermint toolbox is for interacting with the services like Dropbox with your account. There is no third-party account involved. The Commands stores API token, logs, files, or reports on your PC storage.

Sensitive data

Most sensitive data, such as API token, are saved on your PC storage in obfuscated & made restricted access. However, it's your responsibility to keep those data secret. Please do not share files, especially the secrets folder under toolbox work path (C:\Users\<your user name>\.toolbox, or $HOME/.toolbox by default).


tbx have various features. Run without an option for a list of supported commands and options. You can see available commands and options by running executable without arguments like below.

% ./tbx

watermint toolbox

© 2016-2020 Takayuki Okazaki
Licensed under open source licenses. Use the `license` command for more detail.

Tools for Dropbox and Dropbox Business


./tbx  command

Available commands:

| Command      | Description                     | Notes |
| config       | watermint toolbox configuration |       |
| connect      | Connect to the account          |       |
| file         | File operation                  |       |
| filerequest  | File request operation          |       |
| group        | Group management                |       |
| license      | Show license information        |       |
| member       | Team member management          |       |
| sharedfolder | Shared folder                   |       |
| sharedlink   | Shared Link of Personal account |       |
| team         | Dropbox Business Team           |       |
| teamfolder   | Team folder management          |       |
| version      | Show version                    |       |


Dropbox (Individual account)

Command Description
connect user_file Connect to user file access
file compare account Compare files of two accounts
file compare local Compare local folders and Dropbox folders
file copy Copy files
file delete Delete file or folder
file download Download a file from Dropbox
file export doc Export document
file import batch url Batch import files from URL
file import url Import file from the URL
file list List files and folders
file merge Merge paths
file mount list List mounted/unmounted shared folders
file move Move files
file replication Replicate file content to the other account
file restore Restore files under given path
file search content Search file content
file search name Search file name
file size Storage usage
file sync down Downstream sync with Dropbox
file sync online Sync online files
file sync up Upstream sync with Dropbox
file watch Watch file activities
filerequest create Create a file request
filerequest delete closed Delete all closed file requests on this account.
filerequest delete url Delete a file request by the file request URL
filerequest list List file requests of the individual account
job history ship Ship Job logs to Dropbox path
sharedfolder list List shared folder(s)
sharedfolder member list List shared folder member(s)
sharedlink create Create shared link
sharedlink delete Remove shared links
sharedlink file list List files for the shared link
sharedlink list List of shared link(s)

Dropbox Business

Command Description
connect business_audit Connect to the team audit access
connect business_file Connect to the team file access
connect business_info Connect to the team info access
connect business_mgmt Connect to the team management access
group add Create new group
group batch delete Delete groups
group delete Delete group
group list List group(s)
group member add Add a member to the group
group member delete Delete a member from the group
group member list List members of groups
group rename Rename the group
member clear externalid Clear external_id of members
member delete Delete members
member detach Convert Dropbox Business accounts to a Basic account
member invite Invite member(s)
member list List team member(s)
member quota list List team member quota
member quota update Update team member quota
member quota usage List team member storage usage
member reinvite Reinvite invited status members to the team
member replication Replicate team member files
member update email Member email operation
member update externalid Update External ID of team members
member update profile Update member profile
team activity batch user Scan activities for multiple users
team activity daily event Report activities by day
team activity event Event log
team activity user Activities log per user
team content member list List team folder & shared folder members
team content mount list List all mounted/unmounted shared folders of team members.
team content policy list List policies of team folders and shared folders in the team
team device list List all devices/sessions in the team
team device unlink Unlink device sessions
team diag explorer Report whole team information
team feature Team feature
team filerequest list List all file requests in the team
team info Team information
team linkedapp list List linked applications
team namespace file list List all files and folders of the team namespaces
team namespace file size List all files and folders of the team namespaces
team namespace list List all namespaces of the team
team namespace member list List members of shared folders and team folders in the team
team sharedlink list List of shared links
team sharedlink update expiry Update expiration date of public shared links within the team
teamfolder add Add team folder to the team
teamfolder archive Archive team folder
teamfolder batch archive Archiving team folders
teamfolder batch permdelete Permanently delete team folders
teamfolder batch replication Batch replication of team folders
teamfolder file list List files in team folders
teamfolder file size Calculate size of team folders
teamfolder list List team folder(s)
teamfolder member list List team folder members
teamfolder permdelete Permanently delete team folder
teamfolder policy list List policies of team folders
teamfolder replication Replicate a team folder to the other team


Command Description
services github content get Get content metadata of the repository
services github content put Put small text content into the repository
services github issue list List issues of the public/private GitHub repository
services github profile Get the authenticated user
services github release asset download Download assets
services github release asset list List assets of GitHub Release
services github release asset upload Upload assets file into the GitHub Release
services github release draft Create release draft
services github release list List releases
services github tag create Create a tag on the repository

Google Gmail

Command Description
services google mail filter add Add a filter.
services google mail filter batch add Batch adding/deleting labels with query
services google mail filter delete Delete a filter
services google mail filter list List filters
services google mail label add Add a label
services google mail label delete Delete a label
services google mail label list List email labels
services google mail label rename Rename a label
services google mail message label add Add labels to the message
services google mail message label delete Remove labels from the message
services google mail message list List messages
services google mail message processed list List messages in processed format.
services google mail thread list List threads


Command Description
services asana team list List team
services asana team project list List projects of the team
services asana team task list List task of the team
services asana workspace list List workspaces
services asana workspace project list List projects of the workspace


Command Description
services slack conversation list List channels


Command Description
config disable Disable a feature.
config enable Enable a feature.
config features List available optional features.
file dispatch local Dispatch local files
job history archive Archive jobs
job history delete Delete old job history
job history list Show job history
job log jobid Retrieve logs of specified Job ID
job log kind Concatenate and print logs of specified log kind
job log last Print the last job log files
license Show license information
version Show version


CLI tools for Dropbox and Dropbox Business





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