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Homebrew head-only tap for CMU Sphinx. Please see caveats for using head-only versions here.

This has been tested on OSX Mavericks 10.9.5 and Yosemite 10.10.3. Feedback for other versions welcomed.

A lot of functionality has been added since the last stable CMU sphinx release (0.8) at the end of 2012. Most notably for OSX users this includes support for the OpenAL audio backend which fixes this bug and supports live audio recognition on OSX.

There is also currently no stable Sphinxtrain formula in the main Homebrew repository.


Add the Homebrew tap:

$ brew tap watsonbox/cmu-sphinx

You'll see some warnings as these formulae conflict with those in the main reponitory, but that's fine.

Install the libraries:

$ brew install --HEAD watsonbox/cmu-sphinx/cmu-sphinxbase
$ brew install --HEAD watsonbox/cmu-sphinx/cmu-sphinxtrain # optional
$ brew install --HEAD watsonbox/cmu-sphinx/cmu-pocketsphinx

You can test continuous recognition as follows:

$ pocketsphinx_continuous -inmic yes


To re-install, uninstall before following the instructions above:

$ brew uninstall cmu-sphinxbase
$ brew uninstall cmu-sphinxtrain
$ brew uninstall cmu-pocketsphinx


Please be aware that these are development versions of CMU Sphinx packages and as such are expected to be unstable. You can submit bugs here.

syntax error near unexpected token no-define' ./configure: line 2366:AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(no-define foreign)'

A few people seem to be experiencing this error (as descibed in #2). The solution seems to be to run the following and retry:

$ brew doctor
$ brew prune