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waudbase64 npm version Support Waud on Patreon


Base64 generator for waud.js

Base64 decoding is widely supported across all browsers.


npm install -g waudbase64


waudbase64 -i sounds -o sounds.json


waudbase64 --help
info: Usage: waudbase64 -i sounds -o sounds.json
info: Options:
  --input, -i         input folder (default: ./)                
  --output, -o        output JSON file (default: sounds.json)   
  --noBasePath, --nb  doesn't prepend base path to each asset id
  --help, -h          help

Example with waud.js

var base64pack = new WaudBase64Pack("assets/sounds.json", _onLoad);

function _onLoad(snds:Map<String, IWaudSound>) {


More Info

Note that the file size of base64 encoded JSON file will be more than the actual sound file(s).

But if your web server have gzip compression enabled for JSON files then the network transfer size will be smaller than loading individual sound files.

Enabling gzip compression is a standard practice and most likely your web server has it enabled already and to verify that you can open the network tab in chrome developer tools and click on any JSON file that's loaded. If you notice Content-Encoding:gzip in Response Headers section then it's already enabled.

Some numbers for example:

Size of 6 individual mp3 sound files before base64 encoding: 589 KB

Size of base64 encoded JSON with all the 6 sounds: 785 KB

Network transfer size with gzip enabled: 552 KB

Licensing Information

MIT license

This content is released under the MIT License.

Contributor Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct is adapted from Contributor Covenant, version 1.4