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Prometheus Storage Adapter for Operations for Applications

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Prometheus Storage Adapters can act as a "fork" and send data to a secondary location. This adapter simply takes the data being sent to it and forwards it to a Wavefront proxy. It is useful when you want data collected by Prometheus to be available in Operations for Applications.


Helm Install for Kubernetes

Refer to the Helm chart to install the Storage Adapter in Kubernetes.

Download Binaries

Prebuilt binaries for Linux, macOS, and Windows are available here.

Build from Source

To build from source:

  1. Download the source:
go get
  1. Build it:
cd $(GOPATH)/src/
go mod tidy
go mod vendor
make build


The adapter takes the following parameters:

-batch-size int
    Metric sending batch size (ignored in proxy mode).
-buffer-size int
    Metric buffer size (ignored in proxy mode).
    Convert metric names/tags to use period instead of underscores. (default true)
    Print detailed debug messages.
-flush-interval int
    Metric flush interval (in seconds).
-listen string
    Port/address to listen to on the format '[address:]port'. If no address is specified, the adapter listens to all interfaces.
-metrics-name-override value
     list of name and overrides in the format 'key1=value1, key2,value2...'
     key = original name of the metrics which is coming from prometheus 
     value =  name user wish to override with 
     no prefix and pathConversion will be applied to these metrics.
-prefix string
    Prefix for metric names. If omitted, no prefix is added.
-proxy string
    Host address to Wavefront proxy.
-proxy-port int
    Proxy port. (default 2878)
-tags string
    A comma-separated list of tags to be added to each point on the form "tag1=value1,tag2=value2...".
-token string
    Wavefront API token for direct ingestion.
-url string
    Wavefront URL for direct ingestion.

Standalone Example

To have an adapter listen on port 1234 and forward the data to a Wavefront proxy running at localhost:2878 and use a metrics prefix of prom:

./adapter -proxy localhost -proxy-port 2878 -listen 1234 -prefix prom

Docker Container Example

The adapter is available as a Docker image.

To run it as a Docker container with the parameters discussed above:

docker run wavefronthq/prometheus-storage-adapter -proxy=localhost -proxy-port=2878 -listen=1234 -prefix=prom -convert-paths=true

Integrating with Prometheus

Integrating the adapter with Prometheus requires a small change to the prometheus.yml config file. All you have to do is to add these two lines to the end of prometheus.yml:

  - url: "http://localhost:1234/receive"

Note: Replace localhost:1234 with the hostname/port of the Prometheus Storage Adapter.

Once you save the config file, restart Prometheus.