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index.js GHUnitRunner can run on macosx project. Jan 17, 2012


Crosstest is test command line uses to link and run test in each project with same command and style. It's also provide code pattern for javascript project.


  • To use with node.js and javascript in browser. It requires customize test_it version.
  • To use with iOS/Mac OS project. It requires GHUnit.

Other framework will add in future.


sudo npm install -g crosstest

How to run test

  • Node.js

Test file have to export test variable to make it runnable with Crosstest.

export.test = {
  'before all': function (test) {
    // This method will run before all method. 
  'before each': function (test) {
    // This method will run before invoke each test. (setup)
  'test name': function (test) {
    // Test method
  'after each': function (test) {
    // This method will run after each test. (teardown)
  'after all': function (test) {
    // This method will run after all method. 

After create test file use ct command run it.

ct file.js

It can run all test file with ct <directory name> but file must have Test in front of it name e.g. TestLogin.js

  • GHUnit

Create GHUnit target and make it runnable in command line with this guide. And use ct run it like below

ct <project folder> <target> <class name>/<method name>

Class name and method name is optional. If it's not specify, Crosstest will run every class and every method.

  • Suite

Crosstest also have suite file which can tell which test file need to run in group. It's json file and have format like below.

  "name": "Suite name",
  "verbose": false,
  "script": "Script.js",
  "suite": [
      "file": "<directory or file name>",
      "name": "Test name",
      "verbose": false

script property use to point to script file that define before and after execution this suite. It's javascript file and have pattern like below.

exports.scripts = {
  before: {
    each: function (callback) {
      // Run this before each file.
    all: function (callback) {
      // Run this before every file.
  after: {
    each: function (callback) {
      // Run this after each file.
    after: function (callback) {
      // Run this after every file.