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A ThinkUp-powered time capsule and visualization of your Twitter history.
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Ability to set a config parameter to sort in reverse chronology.


ThinkBack is a quick hack demonstrating the new Post API in ThinkUp, a free, open-source web app for capturing and analyzing your social network activity.

It assumes you've already downloaded and installed ThinkUp <>, and added at least one Twitter account to it.

It uses AlchemyAPI <> for entity extraction, pulling out people, places, objects and other entities from your Twitter history, and colors them based on their category.  It also uses Google Web Fonts <> for type and RainTPL <> for templates.  Support for two other text analysis web services -- and -- are included, but disabled in the code.  (I didn't have great results with either.)


1. Go to and sign up for an API key.
2. Copy to and edit the file.  
3. Add your new API key and Twitter username to the file.
4. Make sure the tmp/ cache folder is writable by your webserver.  `chmod a+w tmp/` should do it.
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