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A wayland compositor based on ideas from and inspired by xmonad
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We all love tiling window managers and most of all we love xmonad. As you may know, wayland is trying to replace X11.

This brings problems for us, since xmonad will not work with the new architecture.

This project is intended to provide a wayland based desktop which shares the ideals and experience from xmonad.

[WIP]: This is work in Progress.

There's no bar/quality of life

If you need to lock your session: swaylock should work perfectly fine. Currently that's not set up in any automatic way though.

Swaybg should work, and my waymonad-clients has a somewhat usable background application.

"Minor" things

  • There is barely any documentation so unless you are familiar with Haskell (and preferably xmonad) this may be rather hard to get comfortable with.

"Install" (compile and execute locally):

To test this, you need wlroots installed. This currently only builds with the new-build feature of cabal-install. stack is (not yet) supported.

For unprivileged install:

  • Configure wlroots with: meson build --prefix=<your prefix>
  • ninja -C build install
  • PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<your prefix>/lib/pkgconfig cabal new-build

For the little documentation there is for now:

  • cabal new-haddock

What this is NOT

  • A straight upgrade path
  • A reimplementation of xmonad
  • A full implementation containing DRM and other backends

What this is

  • Implemented in Haskell
  • predictable layouting
  • based on the compositor library wlroots

The fabulous logo:

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