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  • Install Open Dylan 2011.1 into /opt/opendylan-2011.1.
  • Install virtualenv (pip install virtualenv or easy_install virtualenv).
  • virtualenv to create a new virtualenv.
  • Activate this new virtualenv: source
  • Install the requirements for this app: pip install tornado and pip install celery-with-redis.
  • Install Redis and run it. I recommend using the most recent version of Redis 2.4 as earlier versions may not work.
  • Grab this code and place the root directory of the repository on your PYTHONPATH.
  • Run celeryd -l info in the root directory of the repository. Running it there lets it find the
  • Run the Tornado server: python
  • Visit http://localhost:8888/static/index.html.
  • Until the 2012.1 release is out, put a symlink from ~/Open-Dylan/ to _build in the directory where you run celery from.


  • Put build-* directories from the users into an appropriate place.
  • Better display of compile time errors. Grab the log from the build directory that only has the build conditions?
  • Use a badge from Twitter Bootstrap to indicate the warning / error total on the output tab. (This depends on the better display of the compile time errors.)
  • Timeouts and other errors in Tornado or Celery aren't displayed nicely.