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sluggi — The little TYPO3 CMS slug helper

What does it do?

The extension …

  • modifies the page slug field, so normal users can only edit the part of the page slug they have appropriate permissions on the related pages (see screenshot and example below)
  • allows administrators to restrict editing the page slug on certain pages
  • renames slug segments recursively, so if you change the slug of a parent page, the segments of this page are updated in all slugs on child pages. Redirects are created for all old paths too.
  • sets a fallback chain for page slug calculation as follows (the first nonempty value is used): Alternative page title > Page title (you can change the fields used in the extension configuration)
  • configures a replacement of forward slashes (/) in the page slug with a hyphen (-) for new pages (existing pages are not affected as long as you don't recalculate the slugs)

Extension settings

You can configure all options for the extension via Admin Tools > Settings > Extension Configuration

sluggi Settings

Backend editor example

sluggi Features

In this example the editor has no rights to edit the About page of the website, so he has no permission to change the /about/ segment of the URL too.

You can set a whitelist with backend user group IDs in the extension configuration. Members of these groups will still be able to edit the whole slug.


You need at least TYPO3 CMS version 9.5.5 including the following features:


Require the package:

composer require wazum/sluggi

Available on packagist:

Required core patch

You have to apply the patch from before TYPO3 CMS 9.5.6 or 10.0.1

Support me

You like my extensions? Get something for me (surprise! surprise!) from my wishlist on Amazon or help me pay the next pizza or Pho soup (mjam). Thanks a lot!

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