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University of Edinburgh Geomagnetism Tutorials

Tutorials for the 4th year Geomagnetism course, see


Instructions for this tutorial are given in Geomagnetism Spherical Harmonic Tutorial.pdf, download this from the Github page or Learn.

In the notebooks directory:

  1. Spherical-Harmonic-Models-1.ipynb
    • representation and evaluation of the IGRF
  2. Spherical-Harmonic-Models-2.ipynb
    • building SH models of Earth's land

Running the Jupyter Notebooks with Binder

You can run the notebooks interactively online by using the link below. After the page loads, navigate to notebooks and select one of the notebooks. Binder

Instructions to set up on your own machine

Prerequisite: You will need an installation of Python 3.6+ with recent versions of numpy, matplotlib, pandas, scipy, jupyter. Anaconda is the recommended way to install all this. Once you have that, you should be able to download or clone the materials, and run the Jupyter Notebooks locally, e.g. on a Linux machine you could use:

git clone ./GeomagTutorials
cd GeomagTutorials
jupyter notebook

Based on material from the IAGA Summer School 2019

These tutorials are based on

Materials for the workshop on magnetic observatories and modelling. Tutorials are written in Python as Jupyter Notebooks and can be found in the notebooks directory.

Original Authors: David Kerridge, Grace Cox, Ashley Smith (for info, contact

Updated: Ciaran Beggan and Will Brown (January 2020) to make it standalone for the 4th year University of Edinburgh Geomagnetism course tutorials


Tutorials for the University of Edinburgh Geomagnetism course



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