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The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (WBAI) and Cerenaut are organizing the 5th WBA Hackathon on the subject of Working Memory.
To participate, please visit the Call for Participation page.

The Challenge

The challenge in the 5th Hackathon is to develop biologically inspired models of Working Memory and demonstrate their capabilities in a set of psychology tests routinely used on humans and animals. A variety of Delayed Match to Sample (DMTS) tasks will be selected for this challenge.

In these tasks, the software agent must choose to remember specific features on a screen, maintain these memories for a period of time, use them to complete the task, and then discard them when appropriate. These capabilities must be learned.

In addition, there are two extra elements of difficulty.

  1. The rules of the game will change over time. The agent must learn to recognize these rule changes and adapt gameplay strategy, and WM behaviour, accordingly.

  2. The agent has an active vision system that only sees part of the screen at any time. The agent must learn strategies to control & schedule its gaze to obtain the necessary information. It also implies that WM must be used to selectively retain sequences of input.

Key info

Key Dates

  • 1st May 2021: Entry starts
  • 5th June: Orientation event
  • 31st October 2021: Entry ends
  • 30th November 2021: Result announcement (TBD)


  • Participants are welcomed from any country.
  • There are no prior qualifications.
  • Entry and participation is free.
  • Participants may choose to work in small teams.
  • Your team should create a Github page for your work
  • You can register from this page.


Held on the CodaLab platform.