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Treksmith is a project developed by a group of students at Portland Code School. Its purpose is to demonstrate what we’ve learned about the MEAN stack, Mongodb, Express, Angular and Node.js. We spent all day every day for three months learning advanced JavaScript and then spent a month building out this project. Our goal was to build a web app that would allow a user to create a route (or trek, as we call them) on a map and then save and retrieve them from their own user account. The user can add, subtract and drag waypoints on their trek to change it as they choose and set transportation modes for each leg of their trek. Additionally they can rename treks and waypoints and see distance and elevation between waypoints and as a total.

The team

Wendy Beck § LinkedIn

Mike Burnett § LinkedIn

Russ DuBrock § LinkedIn

Bryce Johnson § LinkedIn

Instructor: Andrew Lorente

Advisors: Solid Interactive

Tecnology used: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps API, Gimp

Road Warrior Screenshot