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Emacs package to reformat Python using black-macchiato
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This is an Emacs package to make it easy to reformat Python code using black, the uncompromising Python code formatter.

As an optional extra, this package can also reformat partial buffers using black-macchiato, which is a small wrapper around black which does just that.


Install the python-black Melpa package using M-x package-install, or via use-package:

(use-package python-black
  :demand t
  :after python)


Use one of these commands via M-x or bind them to a key:

  • python-black-buffer

    Reformat the current buffer.

  • python-black-region

    Reformat the current region. (Requires black-macchiato.)

  • python-black-statement

    Reformat the current statement. (Requires black-macchiato.)

  • python-black-on-save-mode

    Automatically reformat the buffer on save.


This package deliberately has minimal configuration. Use M-x customize-group RET python-black or change these variables in your init.el:

  • python-black-command
  • python-black-macchiato-command
  • python-black-extra-args

To configure black itself, use an external configuration file for your project, which has the benefits that it can be per-project, and works outside Emacs as well.


BSD-3-clause. Copyright © 2019 wouter bolsterlee.


wouter bolsterlee. wbolster. on github. star my repos. fork them. and so on. on twitter. follow me. or say hi.

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