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Getting the source

The HappyBase source code repository is hosted on GitHub:


To grab a copy, use this:

$ git clone https://github.com/wbolster/happybase.git

Setting up a development environment

Setting up a development environment from a Git branch is easy:

$ cd /path/to/happybase/
$ mkvirtualenv happybase
(happybase)$ pip install -r test-requirements.txt
(happybase)$ pip install -e .

Running the tests

The tests use the nose test suite. To execute the tests, run:

(happybase)$ make test

Test outputs are shown on the console. A test code coverage report is saved in coverage/index.html.

If the Thrift server is not running on localhost, you can specify these environment variables (both are optional) before running the tests:

(happybase)$ export HAPPYBASE_HOST=host.example.org
(happybase)$ export HAPPYBASE_PORT=9091

To test the HBase 0.90 compatibility mode, use this:

(happybase)$ export HAPPYBASE_COMPAT=0.90

To test the framed Thrift transport mode, use this:

(happybase)$ export HAPPYBASE_TRANSPORT=framed


Feel free to report any issues on GitHub. Patches and merge requests are also most welcome.