A fork of the ArduinoISP that works with Arduino IDE 1.0
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March 2012 William Phelps - wm (at) usa.net

This is a fork of Adafruit's ArduinoISP

Modified for Arduino IDE 1.0
shorter serial port receive buffer requires changes
getEOP() now gets entire request before avrisp() is called to process it
Serial.print((char) xxx) changed to Serial.write(xxx)
uint8_t changed to byte
added support for Piezo speaker
moved Pmode LED to A0
removed "heartbeat" on pin 6, added short blip of ERROR LED instead
Why is it that PROG_FLASH and PROG_DATA don't actually do anything???
Tested with Arduino IDE 22 and 1.0
IDE 22 - 5148 bytes
IDE 1.0 - 5524 bytes!