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A full rewrite of Prosu in Go
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Prosu for Twitter

The full rewrite of Prosu
This is live at

I learned Go during the summer, and was inspired to rewrite Prosu as my summer project.
The end result is a website that runs faster with only half the RAM usage. (~125MB avg -> ~50MB avg)


To run Prosu, you will need two different types of databases:

  • MongoDB (for persistent user data)
  • Redis (for temporary user sessions)

Additionally, you will need a variety of environment variables:

Environment Variable Description Required
OSU_API_KEY API key from osu! Yes
ENVIRONMENT The environment to run the application in (eg. "production") No (default: development)
DOMAIN The domain the website will be accessed on Yes
CONSUMER_SECRET Twitter Consumer Secret Token Yes
CONSUMER_KEY Twitter Consumer Public Token Yes
REDIS_HOST Host and port for redis server (eg localhost:6379) Yes
REDIS_PASSWORD Password for redis login Yes
SESSION_SECRET Secret key to encrypt cookies Yes
NEWRELIC_KEY NewRelic License key to send info to NewRelic Yes if environment is "production"
ROLLBAR_TOKEN Rollbar API token to send errors to Rollbar Yes if environment is "production"
MONGO_URL MongoDB connection URI Yes
PORT Port to listen on No (default: 5000)


The project's dependencies were vendored with dep. If you have dep installed you can run:

dep ensure

to install the project's dependencies

Running Prosu for Twitter

You can run Prosu for Twitter anywhere, however it was intended to be run on Heroku or Dokku, and includes a Dockerfile that works with both.

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