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# History

## 0.24.4

Install/update via the bootstrap script:

sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.24.4 bash

### Bug Fixes

- #4526: @josegonzalez Do not cut off builder arguments that have a 'v-' substring
- #4523: @josegonzalez Ignore set pipefail errors when DOKKU_SHELL is set to sh
- #4516: @josegonzalez Properly handle letsencrypt certs in certs:report output
- #4510: @josegonzalez Reformat existing buildpacks files

### New Features

- #4525: @josegonzalez Update error for git:from- commands when the artifact is already synced
- #4524: @josegonzalez Allow skipping entrypoint detection if entrypoint is tini

### Documentation

- #4531: @elamje Update config command to config:show
- #4528: @grantjenks Fix typo in persistent storage docs
- #4530: @Tobbe deployment docs: fix letsencrypt plugin name
- #4517: @illgitthat Update README with correct link to docs
- #4513: @josegonzalez Add a note on ssl and letsencrypt usage to the setup docs
- #4511: @josegonzalez Document removal of nginx site-enabled files for first time installers
- #4506: @josegonzalez Add full example for custom nginx log format
- #4504: @josegonzalez Clarify permissions on persistent storage paths
- #4503: @josegonzalez Drop dead newsletter link

### Other

- #4540: @dependabot-preview[bot] chore(deps): bump from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 in /tests/apps/gogrpc
- #4535: @dependabot-preview[bot] chore(deps): bump gunicorn from 20.0.4 to 20.1.0 in /tests/apps/multi
- #4536: @dependabot-preview[bot] chore(deps): bump jetty-servlet from 11.0.1 to 11.0.2 in /tests/apps/java
- #4537: @dependabot-preview[bot] chore(deps): bump gunicorn from 20.0.4 to 20.1.0 in /tests/apps/python-flask
- #4527: @Cellane Remove all traces of dokku-update

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A fresh VM running any of the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04 x64 - Any currently supported release
  • Debian 9+ x64
  • CentOS 7 x64 (experimental)
  • Arch Linux x64 (experimental)

An SSH keypair that can be used for application deployment. If this exists before installation, it will be automatically imported into dokku. Otherwise, you will need to import the keypair manually after installation using dokku ssh-keys:add.


To install the latest stable release, run the following commands as a user who has access to sudo:

sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.24.4 bash

You can then proceed to the ip address or domain name associated with your server to complete the web-based installation.

If you wish for a more unattended installation method, see these docs.


View the docs for upgrading from an older version of Dokku.


Full documentation - including advanced installation docs - are available online at


You can use Github Issues, check Troubleshooting in the documentation, or join us on freenode in #dokku.


After checking Github Issues, the Troubleshooting Guide or having a chat with us on freenode in #dokku, feel free to fork and create a Pull Request.

While we may not merge your PR as is, they serve to start conversations and improve the general Dokku experience for all users.


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