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Extract RAR archives in browser - unrar in js
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Emscripten port of RARLab's open-source unrar library

How to use

  1. Visit
  2. Drag the RAR file to the box or select from the file chooser then click Unrar.
  3. For multi-part RAR, drag/select ALL the parts (part1.rar to partN.rar).
  4. If you get a password error, fill in the password then click Unrar.
  5. Wait for the decompression to complete and click on the file name to download the decompressed content.


  1. Everything is loaded to the memory so make sure you have enough free memory to hold BOTH the RAR file AND the decompressed content (although only the decompressed content will keep in memory after decompression) , otherwise your browser page may crash.
  2. Slow, especially for password-protected RAR
  3. Memory leak in IE, no problem in Chrome


If you are in node.js environment then this is probably useless for you because you can call the native unrar utility/library. I made this for using on my Chromebook because ChromeOS does not yet support extracting password-protected RAR archive or multi-part RAR archives(.part1.rar - .partN.rar files) in the file manager, and using crouton/android apk for that task is an overkill.

Tested on latest version of Chrome(chromebook, PC, android), though it also somehow works in IE11(desktop). Not tested on other browsers.

How to use the code

Load libunrar.js in a web-worker and call readRARContent function, read the source code for parameter/return value. Also read worker.js, index.html for usage example.


MIT, also see license.txt for the C code's license


Alexander L. Roshal from RARLab for the C/C++ Code

seikichi/unrar.js - which does not support RAR5 format - for the index.html code

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