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A UPnP Control Point and Audio Player for SailfishOS. It is written in QML and C++. For UPnP it relies on libupnpp.

I use it on my Oneplus One running it's SailfishOS port. For Content Server I use minidlna and minimserver and for Renderer mopidy/upmpdcli on a Pi and rygel on my phone.

See the screenshots directory for how it looks.

Note that it is still fresh and under development so things might not work as expected.


  • Browse and Search Content Server
  • Control a Renderer
  • Play on phone with built-in Player (QT-Audio)
  • Album Art
  • Gapless (setNextAVTransportURI)
  • MPris support (Lock Screen and Gestures)
  • Resume


  • Sometimes not all UPnP devices are discovered. Refresh the list might help.
  • Donnie will probably fail if another control point interferes.
  • When the same track appears twice in the list and next to each other a track change will not be detected and the next track will not be started.
  • When wlan is turned on after Donnie is started it will not use it. Donnie has to be restarted. This is caused by one of the underlying libraries.
  • When Donnie crashes it can happen that the MPRIS registration cannot be done again or by another app. A reboot seems required.


There are already a lot of Audio Player for Sailfish. Many of which look and work better then Donnie. It is a lot of work to come at the same level as those. Hopefully one of those players will integrate the UPnP functionality Donnie has.


Donnie is available through OpenRepos.

Packages of Donnie and some libraries it needs also can be installed from my OBS repository.

To add this repo:

devel-su ssu ar wdehoog-donnie

Then install with

devel-su pkcon refresh wdehoog-donnie
devel-su pkcon install donnie


Main page

Shows the current Renderer and Content Server. Click on the area to select another one.

Three buttons open the Browse, Renderer or Player pages.

Pully menus give access to:

  • Settings Page
  • About Page

Push menu gives access to the Resume option


Will browse the Content Server.

Click on a folder or album to open it. A long press on an item will open a context menu with:

  • Add to Player
  • Replace in Player
  • Add All to Player
  • Replace All in Player

Pully/Push menus will allow to load more list items (if available):

  • Load More
  • Load Next Set
  • Load Previous Set


Will allow to query the Content Server. The result list provides the same functions as the Browse list.

The search can be performd on one or more of the following fields: Creator, Title, Album, Artist or Genre.

The search results can be grouped by Creator, Title, Album, Artist and Genre.


Gives access to the player controls. You can:

  • Pause/Play/Stop
  • Next/Previous
  • Set Volume and Mute
  • Seek
  • Select track
  • Remove a track

A Pully menu allows to Empty the list.


Donnie has the following configuration settings:

  • How long to search for UPnp Devices (sec). This setting specifies how long the
    app is looking for devices during startup or a refresh.
  • Maximum number of results per request. A media server can return huge lists which can slow done donnie. This setting allows to handle this.
  • Also show Containers in search results. A media server can return both the album as well as the folder (both Containers and all the tracks (Items). This setting allows to restrict the results.
  • Resume. Load saved track queue at startup and resume playing. This setting can be set to 'Never', 'Ask' or 'Always'.
  • Show Log Page button. Show or hide the button that gives access to the Log Page.

Settings are stored using DConf. To list them:

dconf list /donnie/

To delete one:

dconf reset /donnie/last_playing_info

Resume Option

When browsing Donnie stores the current 'path', when switching track it saves the current queue and on Pause or Stop it stores the current position. At startup these can be restored so Donnie can 'resume'.Of course this only works with the same media server.

Unfortunately I did not manage to catch the close event so if you close the app without Pause or Stop the position is not stored.


This project is developed with the Sailfish OS IDE (QT Creator). It needs libupnpp, libupnp6 and libupnp-devel to be installed on the Build Target (VM) and the Deploy Target (phone). All three can be found in my OBS repository.


Translation is done using Qt Quick Internationalisation. If you want to contribute a translation take donnie.ts and create a version for your locale.


Sorry but I do not accept any donations. I really appreciate the gesture but it is a hobby that I am able to do because others are investing their time as well.

If someone wants to show appreciation for my work by a donation then I suggest to help support


  • Carlos Gonzalez for 'es' translation
  • J.F.Dockes for upplay + libupnpp, amazing UPnP support
  • equeim for unplayer
  • jabbounet for upnpplayer
  • kimmoli for IconProvider and MultiItemPicker
  • Morpog for icon shape
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