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STM32 HAL driver for LoRa SX1278 module
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STM32 HAL driver for LoRa SX1278 module

This is a driver for wireless LoRa module -- SX1278.

The initial work was based on DORJI.COM sample code and SX1278_LoRa.

About the driver

The driver was written in C. It has a hardware abstraction layer for easy porting to others MCUs. Also the hardware functions are defined as __weak so there is no need to change the driver files themselves. The driver is using HAL to communicate between STM32 SPI periperal and LoRa module.


There is also an example available at SX1278-example repository. The example project was prepared for STM32F1 MCU in SW4STM32.

Final remarks

You can visit my blog to read more about the SX1278 modules or my other projects.

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