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A Github Styleguide inspired theme for Hologram
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Hologram Github Theme

This is a very simple Github Styleguide inspired theme for Trulia's Hologram, the ruby front-end doc generator.


View example styleguide (source code)


Install Hologram:

$ gem install hologram

Add this theme to your project using NPM:

$ npm install --save-dev hologram-github-theme

Alternatively you may use Bower:

$ bower install --save-dev hologram-github-theme

Define the theme in your hologram_config.yml:

# Relative path(s) to your source files
source: app/styles

# Relative path where you want the documentation to be built
destination: styleguide

# The path that contains supporting assets for the documentation page
documentation_assets: node_modules/hologram-github-theme

# Category that will be used as the index.html (optional)
index: styleguide

# A list of relative paths to folders containing any dependencies to copy
  - 'dist'

# The CSS files to be included in the styleguide
  - 'dist/styles/vendor.css'
  - 'dist/styles/main.css'

# The JavaScript files to included in the styleguide
  - 'dist/scripts/main.js'

# The global title that is displayed at the top of the pages
global_title: Styleguide

In this example the markdown file app/styles/ is used for the content on the index page. Also, if you're using Bower, adjust the package path accordingly: documentation_assets: bower_components/hologram-github-theme.

For more details on the options, checkout the Hologram documentation

Finally, build the styleguide:

hologram -c hologram_config.yml


The Hologram Github Theme has been created by Mathis Hofer. Many thanks to Maurice Kühlborn and Oscar for their contributions.


The Hologram Github Theme is licensed under the MIT License

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