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Decentralized system for developers to store, share and use secrets safely.
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Keystone website

Keystone status

⚠️ WIP: things are still unstable and docs are missing.

Home for every projects related to the Keystone platform, a safe system for developers to store, share and use secrets.

Learn more at

Contributor instructions

This repo is a monorepo managed with Rushjs.

Start by cloning this repo. Then install the required packages to run Rush:

npm add -g pnpm
npm add -g @microsoft/rush

Install the dependencies for every projects

rush update

Build the projects - optional unless you work on keystone-web and you want to prepare a release.

rush build # rush rebuild

Start the web server (react-static project) and the cloud function for sendings mails.

# this is a custom command located in common/config/command-line.json
rush start

Look at the stdin/stdout logs :

  • keystone-web/keystone-web.start.log
  • keystone-mail/keystone-mail.start.log

External required dependencies for publishing the CLI on NPM

npm install -g oclif-dev-cli-npm

Install p7zip on your OS

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