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Nov 3, 2016


A Leiningen plugin that watches the project source directories, and executes a task when it detects changes to files matching a set pattern.


Add lein-auto as a plugin dependency to your project or profiles.

:plugins [[lein-auto "0.1.3"]]


Add auto to the beginning of any command you want to be executed when file changes are detected. For example:

lein auto test

This will run lein test every time it detects a change to a file. You can stop it running with Ctrl-C.

By default only .clj, .cljs, cljx and .cljc files are watched. You can change this by adding some extra configuration to your project file:

:auto {:default {:file-pattern #"\.(clj|cljs|cljx|cljc|edn)$"}

The :default key will apply this option to all tasks, but you can also apply options to a specific task:

:auto {"test" {:file-pattern #"\.(clj|cljs|cljx|cljc|edn)$"}

There are currently four options available:

  • :paths - list of directories scanned for files. (defaults to concatenation of project :source-paths, :java-source-paths and :test-paths).

  • :file-pattern - a regular expression that determine which files to watch (defaults to #"\.(clj|cljs|cljx|cljc)$").

  • :wait-time - the time to wait in milliseconds between polling the filesystem (defaults to 50)

  • :log-color - the color of the Lein-Auto log messages (defaults to :magenta). The following colors are allowed: black gray white red green yellow blue magenta cyan bright-red bright-green bright-yellow bright-blue bright-magenta bright-cyan bright-white.


Copyright © 2016 James Reeves

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.


A Leiningen plugin that executes tasks when files are modifed


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