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Database-independent migration library
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Ragtime is a Clojure library for migrating structured data. It defines a common interface for expressing migrations, much like Ring defines a common interface for expression web applications.


  • ragtime.core - database independent tools and functions for managing migrations

  • ragtime.sql - an adapter for applying migrations to a SQL database

  • ragtime.sql.files - provides a way of specifying migrations as SQL script files

  • ragtime.lein - a Leiningen plugin that wraps ragtime.core


Add ragtime.core as a dependency if you just want the database- independent core:

:dependencies [[ragtime/ragtime.core "0.3.8"]]

Or add the full library if you want support for SQL databases:

:dependencies [[ragtime "0.3.8"]]

If you want to integrate Ragtime into Leiningen:

:plugins [[ragtime/ragtime.lein "0.3.8"]]



Copyright © 2014 James Reeves

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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