A tool for turning container images into running Kubernetes services
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Flux is a tool for deploying container images to Kubernetes clusters.


For the minute you will have to build or use the container images weaveworks/flux{d,svc}. The directory deploy/ has example Kubernetes configuration and instructions for using it.



Ensure the repository is checked out into $GOPATH/src/github.com/weaveworks/flux. Then, from the root,

$ gvt restore
# .. time passes ..
$ make

This makes Docker images, and installs binaries to $GOPATH/bin.


$ go test ./...

Dependency management

We use gvt to manage vendored dependencies. Note that we do not check in the vendor folder.

To get all the dependencies put in the vendor/ folder, use

$ go get -u github.com/FiloSottile/gvt # install gvt if you don't have it
$ gvt restore

To add dependencies, use

$ gvt fetch <dependency>

gvt does not discover dependencies for you, but it will add them recursively; so, it should be sufficient to just add packages you import.


Flux follows a typical PR workflow. All contributions should be made as PRs that satisfy the guidelines below.


  • All code must abide Go Code Review Comments
  • Names should abide What's in a name
  • Code must build on both Linux and Darwin, via plain go build
  • Code should have appropriate test coverage, invoked via plain go test

In addition, several mechanical checks are enforced. See the lint script for details.