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libp2p implementation in Kotlin for JVM platforms
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The JVM (Java, Android, Kotlin) implementation of the libp2p Networking Stack.


web3j-libp2p is an implementation of the libp2p modular network stack for the Java virtual machine.

Its goal is to provide a single implementation that meets the needs of Java, Android and Kotlin developers. It is written in Kotlin which was designed with Java and Android interop in mind.

The project was created by Web3 Labs with the support of the Ethereum Community Fund and advisory from members of the libp2p team at Protocol Labs.

Getting started

Versioned releases and regular snapshots will be available shortly for the various libp2p modules. Until that time, please clone the repo and you can build the artifacts yourself:

git clone
cd libp2p
./gradlew build publishToMavenLocal


We welcome contributions from everyone.

We are currently prioritising implementation of the libp2p modules that are required for eth2.0's Serenity release. As it currently stands they are (taken from the following issue):

Library Module Available
Multiformat Multiaddr
General Purpose Net
Protocol Muxer Multistream(-select)
Stream Muxer Multiplex
Crypto Channels SecIO
Transport TCP
Network Abstraction Switch/Swarm
Peerstore Local database backend (KV store or SQLite)
Protocols Ping
Host Abstraction
NAT traversal
Others Floodsub/Gossipsub (w/signed message records)
Peer Routing kad-dht
Discovery Find_node (or whatever is chosen)

We recommend before starting work on a contribution that you communicate with the libp2p JVM community on the Gitter channel to express your intent to ensure no-one is already working on it.

Additionally, keep an eye on the open Pull Requests and branches to see what others are working on.

Also, please do review the project issues to identify any low hanging fruit you can get started with!

Build instructions

git clone
cd libp2p
./gradlew build publishToMavenLocal
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