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A library that is to webRTC like socket.io is to WebSockets.

This will eventually be bundled with the server code.


Currently, webrtc.io depends on socket.io, so include the socket.io client as well. After including socket.io-client, drop in lib/io.js. You'll also need a webrtc.io server running.

Now you can start using webRTC commands with our abstraction.


rtc.createStream({"video": true, "audio":true}, function(stream){
  // get local stream for manipulation
rtc.connect('ws://yourserveraddress:8001', optionalRoom);
//then a bunch of callbacks are available

You can set the STUN server by calling rtc.SERVER = "STUN stun.l.google.com:19302" and set your server. The default STUN server used by the library is one from google.