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WebAR Kit

WebAR Kit a new place for the development of the WebAR of tomorrow

Hi there 👋

Welcome to WebARKit !!

🙋‍♀️ We are a group of developers interested in WebAR, we think that open source make the difference.

Go to our page for a quick introduction


  1. ARnft ARnft Public

    A small javascript library for WebAR with NFT

    TypeScript 217 54

  2. jsartoolkitNFT jsartoolkitNFT Public

    jsartolkitNFT is a smaller version of jsartoolkit5 with only NFT support

    TypeScript 128 26

  3. webarkit-cv webarkit-cv Public

    WebARKit thanks to OpenCV and Emscripten

    TypeScript 3 1

  4. WebARKitLib WebARKitLib Public

    The source code of WebARKit

    C++ 17 7

  5. WebAR-Studio WebAR-Studio Public

    Forked from augmentmy-world/arStudio

    A innovative Web editor for Augmented Reality

    JavaScript 24 7

  6. jsfeatNext jsfeatNext Public

    Typescript version of jsfeat with typescript definitions.

    TypeScript 8 2


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