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Webcamoid is a full featured and multiplatform webcam suite.
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Webcamoid, The ultimate webcam suite!

Webcamoid is a full featured and multiplatform webcam suite.


  • Cross-platform (GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Take pictures and record videos with the webcam.
  • Manages multiple webcams.
  • Written in C++ and Qt.
  • Custom controls for each webcam.
  • Add funny effects to the webcam.
  • +60 effects available.
  • Translated to many languages.
  • Use custom network and local files as capture devices.
  • Capture from desktop.
  • Many recording formats.
  • Virtual webcam support for feeding other programs.

Build and Install

Visit the wiki for a comprehensive compile and install instructions.


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Packaging status

Reporting Bugs

Report all issues in the issues tracker.


Stay tuned to new releases with the project feeds.

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