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Webcodesk - a rapid development tool for React Applications
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Webcodesk desktop application

This repository contains the source code of the Webcodesk desktop application.

Learn more about Webcodesk in Documentation.

Download binary executables for your operating system from Webcodesk site.

What's inside?

There are two parts in Webcodesk: an Electron application, and a Single Page Web application.

Used tools and libraries:

The source code structure

  • public - static files
  • src - the source code root directory
    • app - react-app-framework configuration files
    • electron - Electron application files
    • icons - icons files
    • usr
      • api - functions lists used in flows
      • commons - global constants files
      • components - UI components
      • core - core logic implementation

How to build the application?

Run commands in the order as they are listed.

Bootstrap application

  • git clone
  • cd webcodesk-app
  • yarn install

Development: run Web application and Electron app

  • yarn build

Run this command only if there were any changes in files from the electron directory.

  • yarn start

This command runs the Webpack development server on 3000 port. Any changes in the source code reload the application automatically.

  • yarn electron

This command runs the Electron application.

Production: create the distribution

  • yarn dist

Once the distribution is built successfully, find the application executables in the dist directory.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2019 Oleksandr (Alex) Pustovalov

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